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Dr. Sean Parkin - Director

Assoc. Prof. (adj. ser.) of Physical Chemistry
Office: CP-313 Chem-Phys Bldg
Lab: CP-146 Chem-Phys Bldg
Phone: (859) 323--8984
s.parkin 'at' uky.edu

Sean Parkin


1993 Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California, Davis, Ca
1989 M.Sc. Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Canada
1987 B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons), University of Kent, UK


I'm lucky enough to enjoy what I do - most of the time! As Director of the X-Ray Facility in Chemistry, I am involved in essentially all projects that require small-molecule single-crystal structure determination here at UK, and some projects that rely on general X-ray diffraction (pseudo SAXS/WAXS of fibres, films, dna aggregates, etc.). I teach a course in crystallography (CHE-580,540,640) for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, have taught the Physical Chemistry laboratory course (CHE-441G), and deliver guest lectures when asked (e.g., PHY-600). I have been co-editor of the structure reports journals Acta Crystallographica, section E since 2007, and IUCrData since its inception in 2015. I also created and maintain this X-Ray Facility website. From 2016 to 2018 I was Chair of the UK Chemistry Website committee, now in the (far more) capable hands of Prof. Odom.

Here is a CV and a publication list. My Erdős number is 4.

I have written a few tutorials, 'how-to' guides, programs, and scripts to help with crystallographic work. All source code is freely available here on the X-Ray Facility website. If you find any of it useful, please let me know.

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