UK X-Ray Course CHE640

CHE-640 Chemical Crystallography

Course description: An introduction to single-crystal X-ray crystallography with an emphasis on applications of interest to synthetic chemists. The fundamentals of X-ray crystallography for small molecules, including symmetry and diffraction physics are covered using actual structure determinations. The modern methods of crystallography are given in their correct context. The course has both lecture and laboratory components, and these are taught concurrently.




Textbooks: The course does not follow any particular book, but most introductory texts should cover all the basics in sufficient detail. In particular, the following might prove to be quite useful:
  "Crystal Structure Determination" by Werner Massa (English translation by Bob Gould). Springer.
  "X-Ray Crystallography" by Greg Girolami. University Science Books.

Notes: Added after each lecture.

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Exams: Added as needed.

Final: Added as needed.

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