3)   Prepare the diffractometer for mounting.

Do this NOW so that the diffractometer is positioned correctly to begin with.
If your crystals are unstable you will regret it if you leave this step until later.

The "Server" program is probably running already.
If it is not running, start it by double clicking on the Server icon on the screen.
Wait until the program has gone through its startup initialization routine.

Bring the "KappaCCD Server" window into view.
Sometimes this window hides behind the "Bitmap Utility" or the "Microscope View" window.
You can, however, always find it on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

The "KappaCCD Server" window should look something like this:


As of Summer 2010, the old server computer has been replaced, so the windows look a little different.  Nevertheless, they still look similar and contain all the same stuff.

Click on the "Acquisition" menu item and make sure that "Mastership Grabbed" is checked. 
If it isn't, then click on it.

When the mastership is grabbed, the Server computer is in charge of the diffractometer. 
Click on "Crystal mounting positions", like this:


This will bring up another window that looks like this:


There may or may not be a view of the crystal in the window.


The way this machine is set up, clicking on "mount" is a dumb idea.
It sends the goniometer to ĸ= 0, which puts the mounting pin in line with the cold stream, and that is BAD. 

Why is it bad ? Because frost will grow on the pin, goniometer head and phi block.  It would also shrink the mounting pin slightly if one were mounted. This CAN and WILL cause the crystal position to move, and this is NOT good.  To have any confidence in your data, the crystal HAS to be centered and it has to REMAIN centered throughout. There are no exceptions here - do not try to invent any excuses.

On this machine, ALWAYS mount from an angled position.  Click on the " \ " button - the one below the "top" button.

The diffractometer is now ready for mounting a crystal.

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