1)     Make sure the low temperature machine is running.

Do this NOW so that the cold stream has time to reach its normal operating temperature.

Data collection is typically run at 90 K (-183C).

There is nothing special or magic about 90 K, it just happens that on this machine, liquid nitrogen consumption is about one tank per week at this temperature.

If the low-temperature (LT) machine has been left in "stand-by" mode, then you will need to crank up the power and wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the cold-nitrogen stream to reach the desired temperature. This is what you need to do:


CryoIndustries control box

The LT machine control box has three sections:

    upper left -       liquid nitrogen level indicator and control.
    lower left -       temperature indicator and control.
    lower right -     gas flow control.

Under normal circumstances, all you will have to do is to turn the VOLTAGE control on the lower right section until the display indicates about 12 V. There are coarse and fine tune knobs here. You should not adjust the current. If the temperature has not stabilized at 90 K after about ten minutes then crank it up by a volt or two, but you should not go any higher without good reason.

The LT apparatus is explained in more detail elsewhere. If you need special settings, seek professional help before making other adjustments.

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