UK X-Ray Safety Rules

Safety training information and X-Ray Facility rules.

The rules governing safe procedures in the use of X-ray equipment in the X-Ray Facility are determined by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. They are administered at UK by the Radiation Safety Division, whose chief radiation safety officer is Gerald Schlenker (, ph. 3-6308). Safety regulations for radiation-producing devices are documented in the online Radiation Safety Manual.

X-Ray Facility access: radiation safety examination.

Before working independently in the X-Ray Facility, all users must pass the online radiation safety examination. There are no exceptions to this rule. Upon completion you will be issued a certificate that should be sent to the X-Ray Facility Director. In order to work unsupervised in the X-Ray Facility, you must also have taken the X-Ray Crystallography course and gained at least a 'B' grade, or provide evidence of an appropriate level of coursework. Keys and swipe-card access to the X-Ray Facility are strictly controlled, and the only (legal) way to obtain access is by permission of the Director.

Hazardous waste.

Very little hazardous waste is generated in the X-Ray Facility, and what there is will usually be dealt with by the Facility Director. You are, however, expected to remove your used and/or discarded samples. If you leave such items lying around in the X-Ray Facility, they will be dumped on your desk.