Crystallographic Services

The X-Ray Facility provides a comprehensive structure determination service for academic and commercial institutions in the region, though we also welcome samples from further afield.  If your crystals are too difficult to handle or too small for your own institution's crystallography laboratory, there is a very good chance that we can help.

A typical structure determination involves:

Sample inspection under a polarizing microscope
Crystal mounting and centering
Determination of unit cell parameters, crystal system and space group
Data collection
Data integration, scaling and merging
Structure solution and refinement
Creation of tables in CIF and other formats
Publication-ready ellipsoid and packing plots

Crystals should be submitted with as much information as possible.  Although we can usually solve a structure and figure out the atom types without prior knowledge, it is a pain to have to do this if the approximate formula is available.  Often it is as useful to know the starting materials as it is the intended product.  To submit crystals for analysis, please use this submission sheet, or supply the required information some other way (e-mail or even scribbles on scrap paper are fine).  If you have a preferred numbering scheme, please supply that on the submission sheet.   Renumbering a finished structure is tedious!

For routine structures we can and will outperform other laboratories on the majority or structures. We routinely solve problem crystals that have proved impossible elsewhere.  These naturally may take longer and require considerably more effort. To enquire, click the blue bar at the base of this page.