Basement Theatre

Basement home theatre. Movies play on a Denon DVD Player (model 1920) upconverted to 720P through HDMI cabling to a Sanyo PLV-Z3 projector. Surround sound (7.1) is processed through a Denon 3805 receiver. The left/right speakers are a pair of swing-out mini Magneplanars (model MMGW) housed on the sides of oak cabinets. The centre speaker, perched atop the cabinets is a Sony, as are the right and left surround speakers and the rear pair are old Sharps from some long defunct system. The subwoofer is a homemade sealed sonosub that uses the NHT 1259 fed by a Keiga KG-5230 amplifier. The screen is an ordinary manual drop-down Da-Lite (92", 16:9 aspect ratio). The general philosophy is evolution by replacement of the weakest link, which at this point is probably the centre and rear-surround speakers. Nevertheless the whole system currently does a remarkably good job, so there's no rush.

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