Associate Professor (adj. ser.) of Physical Chemistry
Co-Editor: Acta Crystallographica, section E

Office: CP144 Chemistry-Physics Building
Labs: CP146, CP146a,b Chemistry-Physics Building
Phone: (859) 323-8984
Fax: (859) 323-1069

1987 B.Sc. (Hons ) University of Kent, Kent, UK
1989 M.Sc. University of British Columbia, B.C., Canada
1993 Ph.D. University of California, Davis, CA, USA

Here is a CV, and publication list.

I'm lucky in that I enjoy what I do.  In addition to directing the X-Ray Facility and service crystallography projects at UK, I have many other interests. I teach a course in crystallography for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, and have taught the Physical Chemistry laboratory course.

My Erdös number is 4.

I have written a few programs and scripts to help with crystallographic work. All source code is freely available here.

General interest stuff:

Panoramic tripod heads: Mk1, Mk1.5, Mk2.
Gimbal adapter for Mk1 & M1.5 panorama head.
A few panoramas.
Koyasan, Japan August 2008.
Ice storm, Kentucky, January 2009.
Raven Run nature park, Kentucky, October 2009.
Home theatre.

House renovations (probably of little interest to most):

New deck.
Interior prior to demolition.
Windows and skylights.
Interior work.
Exterior brick.
Living room.
Master bathroom.