Links to websites that are of potential use in this course. If you find others that seem relevant, please let me know.

General notes on crystallography - for those of you who are too cheap to buy a textbook:

Crystal growth - There are a whole bunch of websites that show how to grow large crystals of things like sugar and CuSO4.5H2O, but these are not so much use to us. The following, however, do a reasonable job.

Crystal selection, mounting etc. - I have not seen anything on the web that adds in any useful way to what we cover in the labs. and lectures. Still, it seems that diffraction from feathers has some history. The following link explains all:

The illustrations for the Fourier indexing example mentioned in the lecture (2006/02/13) were generated by this Structure Factor applet written by Kevin Cowtan of the University of York:

There are a few tutorials on this x-ray lab. website covering data collection on the kappaCCD diffractometer, data reduction, structure solution (SHELXS, maXus, SIR), model building (XP, maXus), and refinement (SHELXL).

There are also a few tutorials for the programs XPREP, XP, XS and XL on the program author's (George Sheldrick), web pages. Note that XS and XL are functionally identical to SHELXS and SHELXL. The former are part of the proprietary SHELXTL package while the latter are part of the free-for-academics SHELXL (no graphics) package.