External Links

There are many crystallographic resources on the web. Some are good and a few are excellent, but there's no shortage of utter junk. Unfortunately, Google still delivers too much chaff along with the wheat, which is why these lists have been retained. If your favourite website is missing, please let us know via e-mail: simply click on the blue bar below.


  Crystallography Societies:

   • IUCr    International Union of Crystallography
   • ACA    American Crystallographic Association
   • AsCA    Asian Crystallographic Association
   • BCA    British Crystallographic Association
   • ECA    European Crystallographic Association


  Crystallography Journals:

   • Acta Crystallographica    Journals of the IUCr
   • Journal of Applied Crystallography    Also from the IUCr
   • Crystal Growth and Design    From the American Chemical Society
   • CrystEngComm    From the Royal Society of Chemistry
   • Zeitschrift für Kristallographie
   • Journal of Chemical Crystallography


  Crystallography Databases:

   • COD    Crystallography Open Database
   • CSD    Cambridge Crystallographic Database
   • PDB    Protein Structure Database
   • NDB    Nucleic Acids Database
   • ICDD    International Centre for Diffraction Data
   • CRYSTMET    Metals and Intermetallic Compounds
   • BMCD    NIST/CARB Crystallization Database


  Crystallography Software:

   • SHELX    Structure Solution and Refinement
   • Platon    A comprehensive set of structure checking and analysis tools
   • Crystals    Structure Refinement
   • SIR    Structure Solution
   • Jana    Modulated Structures Refinement
   • GSAS    General Structure Analysis and Refinement
   • Mercury    Small-Molecule Visualization and Analysis
   • CCP14    Single Crystal and Powder Diffraction Programs


  Crystallography Equipment and Supplies:

   • Nonius    Erstwhile purveyor of excellent equipment, swallowed whole by Bruker.
   • Rigaku-Oxford    Comprehensive product line, ubiquitous in biocrystallography.
   • Bruker-AXS    Comprehensive product line, ubiquitous in small-molecule crystallography.
   • CryoIndustries of America    Very reliable low-temperature apparatus.
   • Area Detector Systems Corporation    Detectors, most common at synchrotron beamlines.
   • Huber     Goniometers etc., most common at synchrotron beamlines.
   • Charles Supper Company    Now mostly small precision pieces and consumables.
   • Hampton Research    Without Hampton, there'd be no revolution in structural biology.


  Education and Instructional Tools:

   • Growing Crystals ...    Crystal growth tips from Paul Boyle
   • Crystal Growth ...    Crystal growth tips from Sandy Blake
   • Interpretation of crystal structure ...    Notes from Huub Kooijman
   • e-Crystallography course    Notes from Gervais Chapuis
   • Book of Fourier    Kevin Cowtan's Book of Fourier
   • SINCris    SINCris Information Server


  Synchrotron Radiation Sources:

   • ALS     Advanced Light Source, Berkeley, CA
   • APS     Advanced Photon Source, Argonne, IL
   • CHESS     Cornell High-Energy Synchrotron Source, Ithaca, NY
   • ESRF     European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble, France
   • Diamond     Diamond Light Source, Harwell, UK
   • SSRL     Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford, CA
   • NSLS     National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven, NY
   • Photon Factory     Photon Factory, Japan
   • SPring8     SPring-8 Third Generation Source, Japan
   • Other Synchrotron Sources ...